The Spanish wheel of fortune Roulette is also called the wheel of fortune

The ball goes round and round, where it stops, nobody knows. Is it going to stop at your numbers or colour? Are you lucky today? Roulette is a game of pure luck.

Unless you’re Spanish and your name is Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo, than you can make your own luck at the wheel of fortune. Who the f*ck is he? Garcia-Pelayo was a Spanish music producer until 1994. He didn’t like his job and was looking for something else. Gambling seemed exciting. In a Spanish casino in Madrid he discovered roulette.

Roulette isn’t completely random

When he gambled for a while he discovered that Roulette isn’t completely random. Roulette wheels where biased: some numbers tended to come up more often than others. He proved his suspicion by letting his son spend hours in a casino by clocking spins of the roulette wheel. After that he made mathematical calculations and saw with his own eyes that some numbers tended to come up more often than others. There could be various causes that a roulette wheel isn’t random: they aren’t mounted perfectly horizontally or small differences in the pocket sizes etc.

Hot numbers

With this calculation he selected a couple of «hot numbers». By betting on this «hot numbers» Garcia-Pelayo turned the 5% house edge of Roulette into a 15% player edge. He won around 2 million euro. Of course the Spanish casinos were not pleased and tried to get their money back through legal action. The courts ruled in favour of Garcia-Pelayo. It also ruled against the casino when they tried to ban Garcia-Pelayo from the casino. He didn’t cheat.

For Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo is roulette obviously the wheel of fortune!

Online roulette is completely random.
Because of RNG (random number generation) in the software that online casinos use, Ruleta Online is completely random. If you ask me, it’s more safely to play roulette in an online casino so you know that your favourite game is completely random.