What Makes for a Trustworthy Online Casino?

There are thousands of casinos doing the rounds these days, of which the majority are fully worthy of your trust. Of course, to assume that each and every casino on the market is as honest as the last can be a rather dangerous way of thinking to say the least – a small minority will always be quite to the contrary. As such, it is in the interest of the gamer to first assess whether or not their chosen site is indeed honest before handing over any cash.

So, what is it that makes an online casino trustworthy or otherwise? Is it a case of trial and error until you find one that suits, or are there some ‘tells’ to watch out for?

Safe Gambling Policies

Well, a good place to start is on the subject of what…if any…safe gambling policies are in place. Most casinos on the web offer a decent enough amount of freedom when it comes to how much you can bet and how long you can spend online with them, but at the same time they should also be very much aware of the signs of problem gambling. Say, for example, a specific member seems to have spent 90% of the last week or two gambling non-stop – this is the kind of thing when you would like to see the site itself step in and question. And the same also applies to a member losing thousands and thousands of dollars making all the wrong moves – this shouldn’t be allowed to continue once picked up on.

Easy Withdrawals

Something else that’s very important to look into is the restrictions placed on withdrawals. This is often a sticking point and one that stings hard when looked into at the wrong time. In the case of those casinos that aren’t exactly telling you the whole truth, you might find that in order to take any money out at all you first have to win an unreachable amount. You might be playing games with a maximum jackpot of say $20, but they won’t let you touch your cash until you earn $10, 000 or more…which is pretty much useless to you. Make sure you know what you’re getting into before spending any money or you might be wasting it entirely.

Honest Bonuses

The same as the above also applies to the bonuses you’re offered – many of which are not as generous as they appear to be. Sure they’ll credit your account with a full $300 bonus when you sign up, but how much is it worth to you? Usually the answer is about zero as it will likely be joined with a clause saying you have to win 10X the bonus amount before being able to withdraw a penny. And as this isn’t ever likely to happen, the money isn’t really worth a great deal. Sure, it’s fun to play with, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’re in the money, when you’re not.

Good Customer Support

Essential across the board – you need to know that there is a human being you can get hold of as quickly as need be when there’s a problem or a question you need the answer to. This means not only email addresses and comment forms, but a working telephone number that won’t cost you $45 per minute to speak to someone in India that doesn’t understand a word you say.

A Well-Earned Reputation

And finally, nothing says more about an online casino these days than the reputation they’ve earned over the years from their members and professional casino bodies. There will always be household names you know you can trust –

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