Visiting the astonishing Marina Bay Sands Casino in Singapore

Casinos in Macao have shown; Asia attracts many visitors. Singapore, the most wealthy city in Southeast Asia, has opened its first casino. The country clearly wants to become the capital of Southeast Asia. From 2008 the Formula 1 Grand Prix is driven in the country. Furthermore, the country invested in a Universal Theme Park.

The latest addition is the Marina Bay Sands.

This entertainment complex includes two theaters and a museum which will focus on art and science. Furthermore, there are shops with extravagant brands including Chanel, Hugo Boss and Cartier. Besides a convention center and hotel there is lots of entertainment. Including  a  49, 000 square meters casino. Marina Bay strives to its own identity and therefore has no replicas of European cities. You will find no flashy neon lights in the buildings. Altough the entertainment complex has a casino, this is not the most breathtaking part of the building.

That is definitely the Marina Sands Sky Park.

This engineering masterpiece is part of the world’s most expensive hotel (the cost of construction only amounted to no less than 6 billion U. S. dollars). The pool is situated high above the futuristic city extends over the three towers that the hotel consists of.

The impressive swimming pool, «the infinity pool», is located on the 55th floor of the hotel, making it the largest pool in the world at this altitude. From the 150 meters long swimming pool in the middle of the sky, you have an impressive view over Singapore. If you are tired of swimming, then the observation deck that provides the three towers of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel also connects restaurants, shops and a botanical garden.

The government allows casinos in Singapore, but certainly wants to retain control.

The government is working with a list of problem gamblers. They have no access to Singapore casinos. Furthermore, the local people have to buy a ticket to visit the casino.

It costs about $ 70, while other players can enter for free. Indonesians and Indians will visit the casino a lot. These can travel relatively cheap to Singapore.

Meanwhile, the second casino opened in Singapore. The casino is located in the Resort World Sentosa. This resort is reminiscent of Marina Bay Sands and offers entertainment in many forms. These developments have major implications for Singapore. The smallest country in Southeast Asia might become the biggest gambling paradise on Earth.