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Microgaming are impressing me just lately, I really enjoyed the high variance gameplay of the new Bikini Party slot, even if it was using mechanics from other slots, and the theme, whilst risque, was unusual.
With Bar Bar Black Sheep, they are at it again with the unusual themes, although nursery rhyme games have been done before, I haven’t seen one which integrates the theme quite so cleverly as this simple, but fun, slot does.

I appreciate the cartoony graphics and theme tune won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but variety is the spice of life, and you won’t mind being the black sheep of the family for once on this tidy little number, in fact, you will be actively searching him out for the amazing random multiplier bonus on offer.

Bar Bar Black Sheep, Have you any coins? Yes Sir, Yes Sir – 3 Rows full!

  • Type:   Video Slot, Animated Symbols
  • Structure:  5 Reels, 3 Rows, 15 Fixed Paylines
  • Bets:  1 – 10 Coins, Coin Values, 0. 01 – 0. 50
  • Min/Max Total Stake:   0. 15 – 150. 00 £/$/€
  • Max Win:  95, 000 £/$/€
  • Wild:  Yes, fixed – Substitutes for all symbols except the scatter.
  • Scatter:  Yes – Triggers free spins round
  • Other Features:  Multiplier Bonus Combination, Multiplier in spins round, Pay-Table,
  • Auto-Play, Free Spins, Quick Spin, Adjustable Graphics & Audio

Theme & Game-play

The gameplay on this new online slot game takes place on a farmyard backdrop which could easily come straight from a modern children’s book or TV cartoon, it’s amazingly well drawn though and sharp enough in both audio and visual to give NetEnt titles a solid run for their money.

As with other Microgaming titles the paytable is nice and compact, displaying all the relevant information whilst remaining easy to read, the high pay symbols in order are the Black sheep, White sheep, Barn & BAR symbol. I do love how they have done away with the traditional low pay playing card symbols too, replacing them with farmyard fruits and veggies.

The Wilds (the games logo), are straightforward and are fixed, able to appear on any reel to keep the base game lively even without any of the bonuses triggering, there aren’t really any massive animations or big win sequences to speak of, but that is rather in tone with the simple theme and playstyle.

Normally on a slot game, the free spins round is the big draw, on this slot you trigger it with 3x scatters or more, represented by a bag of wool (of course), these grant you either 10/15 or 20 free spins depending on the number of scatters you collected. The scatter also gives you a win in its own right, add to any payline wins at the time and are multiplied by your line bet, the spins themselves have a 3x multiplier for any wins you hit.

The spins round, however, is very hit and miss and not the big feature on the slot, that comes in the form of the ‘BAR BAR Blacksheep’ bonus symbol combination, which can grant you, brace yourself, up to 999x your line bet – not pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes with this one, its massive and watching it spin whilst you wait to see what multiplier you gained is nerve racking!

There is a surprising amount of win potential on this game considering it is supposed to be a low variance slot, though the RTP is a little lower than competing NetEnt titles we are talking only a percentage point or two. It’s, of course, fully mobile optimised and offers you a variety of adjustable graphics levels for seamless play and customizable audio features to suit your play-style and device.

This is a good desktop slot when you are in the mood for simple fun, as a mobile slot, I think it really comes into its own, the straightforward display really lends itself to the smaller screen size and I find myself reaching for this title in lieu of more complicated video slots with some regularity. Do I prefer the high volatility of Bikini Party and Dragon Dance? Yes, I’m a gambler at heart, but this slot is designed to fill a different niche, a job it does exceptionally well.

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One hell of a party!

I’ve seen a few risqué slot themes in my time, simply by looking at the game logo for Microgaming’s new Bikini Party slot, I figured I was in for another one, and I’m not disappointed – in either my own guess or truth be told, in the game itself.

Clearly buxom beach babes (have a shandy and say that fast three times) playing volleyball in scantily clad clothing and suggestive smiling poses is, on the face of it, likely to appeal to a certain demographic amongst slot gamers. If you can get past the theme, and I warrant that takes some doing, this is actually a really hot game (pun absolutely intended).

Let’s stop ogling Kitty, Daisy, Honey, Sunny and Kiki for a moment, and take a look at what this game has to offer in terms of beach action. It’s supposedly based on the same gameplay options, features, and structure as the popular Dragon Dance game, if that’s the case and this really is a sister title, we need to be paying attention to what could really be a great slot.

  • Type:   Video Slot, Animated Symbols
  • Structure:  5 Reels, 3 Rows, 243 Ways to Win
  • Bets:  1 – 10 Coins, Coin Values, 0. 01 – 0. 50
  • Min/Max Total Stake:   0. 25 – 250. 00 £/$/€
  • Max Win:  60, 000 £/$/€
  • Wild:  Yes, fixed – Substitutes for all symbols, appears on reel 2&4 only
  • Scatter:  Yes – Triggers free spins round
  • Other Features:  Reel Re-Spins, Multipliers, Pay-Table, Auto-Play, Win Both Ways,
  • Quick Spin, Adjustable Graphics & Audio

Theme & Game-play

Given the theme of the game revolves around a spring break style setting of girls playing beach volleyball, the reel set being a volleyball net against a sunny beach backdrop isn’t that surprising. That doesn’t mean it isn’t good, in fact, the graphics and sound effects on this game are superb and match the theme stunningly well, as a one off I’m even forgiving the low paying playing card symbols, and no, it’s not because I think the girls might play a form of poker too.

The pay-table is pretty straightforward, the high pay symbols being the five girls (I’ve no idea which is which name wise) and the low pay being the aforementioned card icons.

You get a compacted pay-table in this game with multiple sets of information on one page, it does save you clicking through a lot but it also means you will want to pay attention to each page properly, especially the reel re-spins section as that can easily get costly if you aren’t thinking clearly, which, given the girls on screen, might be a possibility.

The big draw of this game and others in the Microgaming universe is the reel respin option, where after any spin, you will find a cost displayed to re-spin just one reel rather than the whole set.

This increases in cost value in the games estimation of the potential win and really sends the volatility all over the place, personally, I love it, but if you are on a budget or lack a little self-control, stay well away from trying to catch those five of a kind wins using this strategy.

The Wilds (the games logo in this case), which are fixed and appear on reels 2 & 4 only keep the base game lively even without the respins, with them, they can really ramp up your win potential, replacing all game symbols except for the volleyball scatter.
The scatter on this game is a real peach of how one should work, well, it’s a volleyball, but you get what I mean! Land 3 or more anywhere on the reels and not only do they offer a win, with a 3x multiplier, added to any other win ways combinations on screen, they will also give you 15x free spins games with that multiplier still active.

Spins value is set at whatever your last bet was, you can’t use reel re-spins within the spins round but you can re-trigger the spins themselves.

Going back to reel re-spinning, I wouldn’t recommend using it to spin in a third scatter, I’ve not personally found that very cost effective versus the base game given the up and down possible rewards of cash wins in the spins game.

The high payout potential on this game is huge and the gameplay is entertaining, it is at heart at least medium volatility and if you start playing around with reel respins without a strategy it quickly becomes a high variance game which can bust you very quickly. It’s fully mobile optimised and offers you a variety of graphics levels for seamless play and customisable audio features to suit your play-style.

If in the end, the theme is just too ‘Baywatch’ for you, you can always pop over to Dragon Dance for some similar action. I can see this becoming a very underestimated slot which is a shame as it is really a very good title, albeit with a theme which has niche appeal.