Popular European Companies and their most addicting game genres

Below a descripbtion of the most popular online game generes and the latest news.
Mahjong games have changed over the years. They have become more challenging than ever before. They have become available to play in more areas. You can play them on social networks as well as your smartphone. Atlus will be releasing a new game called Mahjong Cub3D.

The game will have 200 game puzzles where you will have a map of the tiles and you will match the identical tiles.

This is how this game got its name by the cube effect. With this game you will still be able to play the classic Mahjong by yourself as well as play with someone else.

It should be fun. There is so many different versions to choose from that everybody should have chance to choose a game to play and be challenged by.

Bubbleshooter games are active games played on social networks and smartphones, just to name a couple places that this game is available. It is a game where you move the arrow by using your mouse and click on a bubble. When you match a row of 3 or more they vanish and you score points. The bigger the combination the higher the score. They are offering more kinds of Bubbleshooter platforms to choose from which offers much more excitement than before.

The new releases offer great new graphics and speed. Try Bubbleshooter and see how high of a score you can get, then try it again to beat your old score.

One new release game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is Ruduko. This is a puzzle game that you will need to use your skills to solve. It makes you think and use your brain and memory to solve the puzzle.

As you continue in the game each level gets harder and more difficult to solve. Ruduko is good for all ages.

This is just one of many new releases for smartphones.

Zylom is the most popular  website in the Netherlands and has a very large game portfolio with bubbleshooter, puzzel and mahjong games.
Try them out and have some fun! www. zylom. com/nl