Pennsylvania Blackjack Players

May Lose Edge If you are a true black jack player in Pennsylvania, then you already know that this state is known for its black jack players having a better shot at winning do to the fact that Pennsylvania black jack carried a lower house edge than games in other jurisdictions.

Well this may soon change. The commission for this state is reviewing a proposal to making Pennsylvania black jack rules permanent, but they want to know more about the house edge. Black jack can be played under a variety of rules. Some of these rules are good for the house while others are good for the players.

It will be hard to determine what the commission has in mind while reviewing this given proposal.

We can only guess what direction that they want to go. If gambling was legalized in order to increase state revenue, it will only make since that the commission would want to favor with the house. By doing this, they will guarantee an increase in players loses which will in turn, increase casino revenue. The higher their revenue means the more money given to the state.

Many feel that the commission should just make the current rule permanent. This will give all black jack players a fair shake.

Not just the ones in the high limit room. This will draw more players to the state of Pennsylvania. If more black jack players come to the state, then the outcome is definitely an increase in revenue. As of now though, the black jack players can continue to enjoy their lower house edge. Many are coming from around the states to enjoy this special opportunity. If the black jackers continue to show their support and make it adamant that they do not want a change to the current rules, maybe their determination will make a difference.